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Introducing the BIG SIGNAL 6BS-446 antenna, the ultimate solution to take your experience to the next level in the PMR or 446 MHz band!

Our BIG SIGNAL 6BS-446 antenna is the perfect choice for PMR band enthusiasts seeking superior performance and hassle-free installation. Here are the features that make this antenna a must-have:

· Exceptional Performance: Designed with full-wavelength elements, the BIG SIGNAL 6BS-446 antenna offers impressive gain in a more compact space than a conventional Yagi of the same size. This means you'll get higher signal power and a broader range for your communications in the band.

· Low Noise: With extremely low noise levels, this antenna ensures superior reception quality. You'll enjoy clear and crisp communication, even in noisy conditions.

· Signal Stability: The BIG SIGNAL 6BS-446 antenna minimizes the influence of cross-polarization and changes, allowing you to maintain a more stable signal. You won't have to worry as much about signal loss during your most important QSOs.

· Advanced Selectivity: This antenna offers exceptional selectivity, allowing you to focus on the signal you want while minimizing unwanted interference.

· Quick and Easy Installation: Forget about complex setups. The BIG SIGNAL 6BS-446 antenna comes with pre-assembled elements, making installation quick and straightforward. Even if you're new to ham radio, you can easily assemble it and start using it in no time.

With the BIG SIGNAL 6BS-446 antenna, you'll experience outstanding performance and unmatched communication quality in the PMR or 446 MHz band. Whether you're an experienced ham radio operator or taking your first steps in this band, our antenna will give you the edge you need.

Don't wait any longer to take your PMR radio communications to the next level!


· Band: 446 ~ 447 MHz | PMR Band.
· Active elements: 6 (wide space).
· Gain: 12,7 dBi (free space).
· F/B: 23,00 dB.
· Beamwidh: 44º
· SWR: 1,1:1 ~ 1,5:1.
· Impedance: 50 Ohm.
· Power rating: 1.000 W. PEP
· Boom length: 113 cm. / 0,436 ft
· Turning radius: 0,45 m. / 1,476 ft
· Total height: 0,17 m. / 0,557 ft
· Weight: 1,1 Kg / 2,204 lb
· Wind survival: > 200 Km/h. / 125 mph
· Wind load: 0,027 m2 | 21,35 N | @120 km/h.

Construction details:

· Fastening to mast: Clamp up to 50 mm.
· Boom size: Square aluminum of 20 x 2 mm / 9,84 in.
· Hardware: Stainless Steel, W4 grade.
· Spreaders Arms: 8 x 4 mm reinforced fiberglass tube with UV protection layer.
· Cable: BIG SIGNAL - Wire. Special copper cable with polyethylene (PE) sheath for excellent weather protection and mechanical resistance.
· Feeding: N type connector.


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