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Discover the BIG SIGNAL CQ-70 antenna, a performance masterpiece in the 430-440 MHz band, designed to take your communications to the next level!

Highlighted features of the BIG SIGNAL CQ-70 antenna:

· Maximum Single-Band Performance: Optimized to provide exceptional performance in the 70-centimeter band, this full-wavelength square antenna is ideal for terrestrial communications. You can choose between vertical or horizontal polarization, making it a versatile choice for repeater installations, beacons, and more.

· Polarization Versatility: Thanks to its ability to be installed in either vertical or horizontal polarization, this antenna is perfect for a variety of applications, including satellite reception.

· Discretion and Durability: With its design that goes unnoticed once installed, it's perfect for discreet locations, windy areas, and indoor or balcony operations.

Advantages of choosing the BIG SIGNAL CQ-70 antenna over a traditional vertical:

· Full Wavelength on 70 cm. : Achieve maximum performance without coils or tuning elements.
· Urban Noise Reduction: The closed square design minimizes QRN and urban noise, improving the reception of weak signals.
· Compact and Resilient: With just 30 centimeters of total length, this antenna is robust and weather-resistant, requiring no maintenance.
· Guaranteed DX Performance: Experience less QSB and a more stable signal when receiving stations with different polarizations, ideal for DX in SSB, FT-8, and satellite communications.
· Quick and Easy Installation: Assembly in less than 5 minutes, with no need for complex adjustments after installation.

Choose maximum performance with the BIG SIGNAL CQ-70 antenna and take your communications to new heights!


· Band: 430 ~ 440 MHz.
· Gain: 8.63 dBi. @ 6 m.
· Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal. *To choose in the installation.
· Radiation pattern: Near Omni.
· SWR: 1.1: 1 ~ 1.5:1.
· Impedance: 50 Ohm.
· Maximum power: 2,000 W. PEP.
· Total height: 0,25 m.
· Total width: 0,25 m.
· Weight: < 1 Kg.
· Wind load: 0.18 m2 | 144.60 N | @ 120 km / h.
· Wind resistance: > 200 Km / h.


· Attachment to mast: Up to 50 mm.
· Boom: 20 x 2 mm square.
· Screws and hardware: W4 Stainless Steel.
· Fiber system: 8 x 4 mm reinforced fiberglass tube with UV protection layer.
· Cable: BIG SIGNAL - Wire. Special copper cable with polyethylene (PE) sheath for excellent weather protection and mechanical resistance.
· Feed: N connector. 


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