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The HF-PRO-1antenna of Komunica® operates in broadband of HF within the range 7 to 432 MHz. Use the HF-1-PRO Komunica only as a portable antenna, never in a mobile station as it has not been mechanically designed for use in moving vehicles.

You can easily adjust your working frequency by raising and lowering the coil and using an antenna tuner. 

Thanks to the material with which Komunica® has manufactured its HF-PRO-1, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), you can enjoy a lightweight, flexible antenna with very small dimensions, being very easy to transport and ideal for use in portable station.

· Type: Portable.
· Frequency: 7 to 432 MHz.
· V.S.W.R .: less than 1.5: 1
· Maximum power: 130 W. SSB
· Impedance: 50 Ω.
· Length: 177 cm.
· Weight: 425 g.
· Connector: PL-259.


  1. Daniel (EA5IRH )22 Abr, 2019 - 15:25

    Estupenda antena, perfecta para portable y ajusta en las bandas que promete, muy contento con ella.

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