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  Model: BIG SIGNAL 2BS-3B 

· Bands: 
10 / 15 / 20 m

· Gain: 7,1 / 7,3 / 7,5 dBi (Free space)
· F/B: 18,7 / 22,13 / 15 dB
· Elements: 2 active per band.
· SWR: 1:1 ~ 1,5:1.
· Impedancia: 50 Ohm.
· Power Max.: 2.000 W.
· Maximum height from the boom: 2,50 m. 
· Turning radius: 1,43 m.
· Boom length: 2,84 m.
· Weight: 12 Kg.

The BIG SIGNAL 2BS-3B antenna is our triband Quad antenna optimized for 10/15/20 meters. With only 2,84 meters of boom it becomes one of the most competitive tribands antenna of the market in relation to boom / gain.

This design of this antenna marks a before and after in the mechanization of this type of antennas, that for years left a question mark in its fragility.

Know the main advantages with respect to other antennas of the market:

· Elements of full wave length.
· Less QRM, better reception to be closed elements.

· High Gain.
· Low weight.
· Low radiation angle, without needing high height.
· A much smaller turning radius.
· Excellent front / back and front / side ratio.
· Bandwidth.

Undoubtedly one of the best options on the market to enjoy the DX in relation to quality / price.

* Manufacturing options / Installation:

· Single coaxial by current balun.
· Independent feeding for each band. (3 coaxial, required remote switch not included).

Some stations using this model shared their impressions:

EA7VS Jose Manuel: 

"I send my experience with the model BIG SIGNAL 2BS-3B.
First I want to inform you that the antenna is 8 meters high from the roof of my building and in a small commercial tower. SWR is fine, just like simulation charts. During these days I was testing in RX and I was already highlighting my previous antenna (HyGain Explorer 14, a good commercial antenna).
I've tried it on both RX and TX in all directions and poof! All the information and legends of these antennas are true even if they are bulky and within their line is an antenna that I recommend and I repeat that I come from a Yagi of 3 elements and 3 bands that has good criticism within the commercials. It is an antenna that greatly attenuates the urban QRM, enhances the signals above the QRM and is very selective and directive. It holds up well the power indicated by the manufacturer and with play.
When I go on radio in many cases I am the only station that listen, with 100 and 35 w (according to mode), I usually mount some Pile UP that with the other I had to use help to do the same!
I want to thank BS for the advice and answer all my doubts. Thanks to Big Signal I can enjoy this type of antenna and made in Spain.

A Greeting from José EA7VS! "


· Boom/Mast plate: Of 350 x 150 with 8 mm of thickness together M8.
· Boom: Redondo de 50 x 2 mm.
· Spiders: 30 x 30 x 5 mm angled crosshead system together with stainless steel W4 INOX A2 clamps.
· Fiber system: Half-hardened fiberglass tube made of fiber cloth and anti-UV protection in two telescopic sections of 30 x 26 and 25 x 21 mm, respectively, together with stainless steel polyamide PA-clamp (-40 to 100 ° C).
· Feed: High quality current balun or independent feed line.

· Cable: 
With black PE insulation, resistant to UV rays